Rocky Mountain Fall

Thanks to Dale, the friendly ranger, we managed to snag a recently cancelled backcountry permit for one of the hardest to reserve camp sites in the park – Andrews Creek. It’s one drainage over from Glacier Gorge with access to numerous high lakes and the last remaining glaciers in the park. Add in a full moon, a first dusting of snow, turning aspens and good whiskey and we had a perfect little walk in the woods.

  • andrews glacier-008
  • andrews glacier-010
  • andrews glacier-012
  • andrews glacier-014
  • andrews glacier-015
  • andrews glacier-016
  • andrews glacier-019
  • andrews glacier-020
  • andrews glacier-021
  • andrews glacier-022
  • andrews glacier-023
  • andrews glacier-025
  • andrews glacier-027
  • andrews glacier-028
  • andrews glacier-032
  • andrews glacier-035
  • andrews glacier-038
  • andrews glacier-039
  • andrews glacier-042
  • andrews glacier-043
  • andrews glacier-045
  • andrews glacier-046
  • andrews glacier-047
  • andrews glacier-048
  • andrews glacier-049
  • andrews glacier-051
  • andrews glacier-052
  • andrews glacier-055
  • andrews glacier-056
  • andrews glacier-057
  • andrews glacier-058
  • andrews glacier-059

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