Cascadian Summer

In mid August I took a short backpack trip to Yellow Aster Butte in the North Cascades with my brother Ian, our Dad, Mark and Ian’s lady, Malia (her first backpack). Somehow the northwest had a good snow year and the tarns weren’t even fully melted out. My Dad and I hiked out the ridge toward Excelsior picking early ripening cascade blueberries as we went.

  • yellow aster-006
  • yellow aster-007
  • yellow aster-008
  • yellow aster-010
  • yellow aster-011
  • yellow aster-012
  • yellow aster-013
  • yellow aster-017
  • yellow aster-019
  • yellow aster-020
  • yellow aster-023
  • yellow aster-026
  • yellow aster-028
  • yellow aster-032
  • yellow aster-033
  • yellow aster-034
  • yellow aster-035
  • yellow aster-036
  • yellow aster-038
  • yellow aster-039
  • yellow aster-041
  • yellow aster-042

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