Hop Breeding Co.

I spent a couple days at Perrault farms learning from Jason and his two-man, father-son field crew for the experimental hop yard. I included captions on the photos which tell some of the story for now. They’re a bit hard to read.

  • Cruising the experimental hop field at Perrault Farms. Each year this single hill field contains thousands of individuals.
  • A mother plant well after crossing. The upper branches are stripped of leaves and the bag is pulled up when the pollen is blown in.
  • Small samples are collected from promising crosses to test in the lab.
  • Crosses that are still promising after testing are harvested by hand and picked for yield and brewers cuts. Jas and his dad Jaime run the experimental field.
  • Each vine is a separate cross. They are run through the Wolfe picker at the Hop Breeding Company.
  • IMG_0478
  • IMG_0475
  • A never before seen variety fresh off the picker.
  • Yield seems to be about 8-12 pounds, of which only a few pounds are actually dried for bailing.
  • Every day during harvest (20-30 days) new varieties are picked and dried for further scrutiny. If they pass muster in the lab and brewers rubs then they may make it to 7 hill trials.

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