After fleeing Fort Collins  over thousands of miles of train track I ended up in Acadia National Park in Maine with Hannah. Due East as far you can go from my home in Cascadia, the place shares a lot in common with the rocky shores of the West.

  • The Summit of Cadillac Mountain in predawn cloud
  • Just down from the summit we left the cloud behind to a spectacular sunrise over the Atlantic
  • 2012Acadia-006
  • With crazy colors added
  • 2012Acadia-010
  • 2012Acadia-014
  • 2012Acadia-015
  • 2012Acadia-019
  • 2012Acadia-023
  • 2012Acadia-027
  • 2012Acadia-030
  • 2012Acadia-033
  • Descending the Beehive trail
  • 2012Acadia-036
  • 2012Acadia-038
  • 2012Acadia-040
  • 2012Acadia-041
  • 2012Acadia-042
  • 2012Acadia-047
  • Thunder nole not thundering much
  • Rungs on the Precipice Trail
  • 2012Acadia-055
  • 2012Acadia-056
  • 2012Acadia-058
  • 2012Acadia-059
  • 2012Acadia-060

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